Sam Ribakoff

    Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker

  • Some Video Work

    Letting the Light Back in: Upper Ojai After the Thomas Fire



    BridgeTown D.I.Y.



    Eyes of My Burqa

    for Afghan Women's Writing Project


  • Some Written Work

    Pedro J Gonzalez, L.A. Revolutionary


    April 28 2019

    A Report on the Strike at Wonderful Halos, one of the biggest farm worker strikes in recent history

    for Civil Eats

    April 8th, 2019

    NIpsey Hussle's Activism was his Music

    for L.A. Taco

    April 2, 2019

    An Interview with Nick Estes about Standing Rock and the Long History of Indigenous Resistance

    for L.A. Review of Books

    March 15, 2019

    A Profile of Amde Hamilton of the Watts Prophets

    for The LAnd Magazine

    February, 8 2019

    The UTLA Strike is about charter schools and the future of public education

    for L.A. Taco

    January 15 2019

    Monday Evening Concerts, and the History of Modern Classical Music in L.A.

    for Passion of the Weiss

    January 15 2019

    a PostMortem on Ca's Rent Control bill, prop 10

    for L.A. Taco

    November 11 2018

    Examining this year's State Propositions in the 2018 Midterm Elections

    for L.A. Taco

    October 2018

    I.C.E. Raids, Socialism, Beats: An Interview with Cola Boyy

    for L.A. Taco

    August 24,2018

    A Profile of Two Ethiopian Music Legends, Hailu Mergia and Ayalew Mesfin

    for The OC Weekly

    February 13 2018

    "A Love Letter to the San Gabriel Valley" - A personal essay about a part of L.A. that I love, and my family's connection to it

    for Ampersand

    February 10, 2018

    An Intervew with Musician Chino Amobi

    for Passion of the Weiss

    May 17, 2017

    An Interview with Ecologist Daniel Botkin

    for The L.A. Review of Books

    March 20 2017

    An Interview with the Group Crimewave 5150

    for The OC Weekly

    February 17 2017

    An Interview with Rapper Kari Faux

    for Forbes

    February 1st 2017

    An Interview with Author Sam McPheeters

    for the Los Angeles Review of Books Blog

    December 10 2016

    A Profile on Bridgetown DIY, an Arts Space in La Puente, CA

    for the LA Weekly

    October 21 2016

    A Profile on Trap House Chicago, the Chicago Streetwear Brand Bridging Fashion and Activism

    for the Chicago Reader

    August 25 2016

    An Interview with the rapper Problem on his Activism with H.U.N.T.

    for the LA Weekly

    July 26 2016

    An Interview with the Filmmaker, and Musician, John Carpenter

    for the SF Weekly

    June 16 2016

    An Investigation Into the Absence of Local Hip Hop Acts at Long Beach's Biggest Music Festivals

    for the OC Weekly

    June 13 2016

    An Interview with Musician Laraaji

    for the SF Weekly

    June 10 2016

    An Interview with Musicians Jesca Hoop and Sam Beam

    for the LA Weekly

    May 27 2016

    A Profile of Juke Bounce Werk

    for the LA Weekly

    February 22 2016

    A Review of a Young Thug Concert

    for the OC Weekly

    January 8 2016

    An Interview with RP Boo

    for Passion of the Weiss

    October 1 2015

    A Report from Occupy LA

    for The Corsair

    November 28 2011

    Why You Definitely Want to Be In the College Football Business 

    for The Corsair

    November 15 2011

  • Some Radio Work

    Flannery o Connor Essay for Davis Review of Books

    for Davis Review of Books on KDVS 90.3 FM


    Samuel Delany Essay for Davis Review of Books

    for Davis Review of Books on KDVS 90.3 FM


    An Interview with KNxwledge


    for Ibbur Radio on KDVS 90.3 FM


    Pulitzer Prize Winning Photojournalist David Carson on his time covering the Ferguson Protests


    for Ibbur Radio on KDVS 90.3 FM


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